Conducting Final Theses

You are probably reading this page because you are a student of mine who has to write a final thesis. Because writing your thesis in our institute has some different rules, I listed the main points that you need to follow here:

Preliminary steps:

  • register the thesis at the “Prüfungsamt”
  • work out a topic with me
  • bring a description of your topic and the confirmation that you registered the thesis to Anja Mebus and sign the contract.
  • Send me an email containing following data: matriculation number, start and end dates of your thesis, skype-id or (if you are willing to) cellphone number for emergencies.
  • Sign up to our Mailinglist:
  • We have a lecture called “MCI Oberseminar“, where students doing their final thesis need to present their work. It is recommended to attend to this lecture whenever possible – as you can learn how to defend your thesis there.
  • Here are the generic hints for conducting final theses from the computer science department at the University of Stuttgart:
  • Access to the Lab. Ask Anja Mebus to activate your keycard in order to get access to our Lab. Working in the Lab is recommended! You can ask fellow students for help and in case of emergency the way to my office is very shot.

Along the way:

  • Make a jour-fix appointment with me, where we can discuss the progress of your thesis.
  • Start writing early! Here is a Latex template for the thesis that I recommend using:
  • Look at other final theses that were conducted at our institute. If you need hints to example theses – Please contact me.
  • Intermediate presentation (Bachelor/Master/Diplom): You need to give an intermediate presentation in the MCI Oberseminar. The intermediate presentation should be in the middle of your thesis and present preliminary results.
  • Use our slide template! (See below) – Your talk should be about 20 minutes of length.
  • Send slides of your preliminary presentation to me at least 3 days before!

Finishing the thesis:

  • Send your thesis to me about 2 weeks before the deadline. We need that time to fix problems.
  • Let your friends proof-read your thesis! Nothing is worse than having typos in your final thesis. Make sure your thesis is in good quality.
  • Go to the VIS-Secratary to get your cover sheets and your thesis-number.
  • If you print your thesis at the on-site Kopierlädle copy shop, hand it in there one day prior to your deadline as they need one day to tie the thesis together. Chose the “Kaltleimbindung” to tie your thesis.
  • Final talk should be about 20 minutes of lengh.
  • Make a date for the final presentation (about 2-4 weeks after your submission deadline). Use our slide template (linked below). Send me your slides at least 3 days before your presentation. PRACTICE your talk! Please don’t embarass yourself and me by giving a crappy talk.
  • Make sure to gather all software and materials (High quality images/ used questionnaires/ data) and burn them onto the “supervisor CD” – this is a CD/DVD that is attached to my version of your thesis.

Additional Material:

– Slide-Template: German 4:3 German 16:9 Engish 4:3 English 16:9

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